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Federal Lawsuit Over Status Quo Violations

Federal Lawsuit Over Status Quo Violations

August 31, 2021

Yesterday, SWAPA filed a federal lawsuit (click here to view) to stop Southwest Airlines management from continuing their repeated status quo violations against our Pilots and to compel the Company to meet its duty to collectively bargain. To learn more about management’s ongoing breaches of status quo under the RLA, please take a look at this blog by SWAPA General Counsel Helen Yu. 

This action follows SWAPA’s demand letter to Flight Operations on August 11, 2021, in which we sought an end to management’s status quo violations. The Company’s response required SWAPA to take this next step.

Your Union did not take this step lightly, but given the ongoing problems with COVID pulls and management's numerous unilateral decisions that disregarded the Company's obligation to maintain status quo during Section 6 negotiations, this was our only recourse. 

We are still hopeful that management will meet and engage in meaningful discussions enabling us to bargain and codify agreements and put an end to this lawsuit. However, until that happens, we must continue to hold them accountable for their actions and take the steps necessary to protect our Pilots and their families.