SWAPA is committed to building lasting relationships and unity among our members and their families. Borne from that commitment, SWAPAfamily was created to bring Pilots and their families together to share information about SWAPA programs and services, as well as hear updates on current contract negotiations. 

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Watch a recap of the 2023 SWAPAfamily DEN event here.

SWAPAfamily In 2023

Waypoint (2022-2023)

SWAPAfamily Newsletter
June 2023 Waypoint

When things go wrong or when there's an incident as small as your child falling off her bike, SWAPA wants to be your first point of contact. CIRT, Project LIFT, HIMS – and many more – are here for you and your family.

We love hearing stories from our families and featuring them here on the pages of Waypoint, our monthly SWAPAfamily newsletter,  Share them with us at outreach@swapa.org. Click on the images above to keep up with SWAPAfamily!


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SWAPA Pilot Relief Fund

A sudden disaster strikes your community or a member of your family faces a personal, financial hardship — whatever the scenario, the SWAPA Pilot Relief Fund can provide a means of immediate financial assistance to SWAPA members and their families in times of need. Click Here to Get Started 

To make a donation to the SWAPA Pilot Relief Fund, log in to SWAPA.org


FO Jean Peck, Outreach Chair