OCTOBER 1-3, 2018

We are proud to announce the second annual SWAPA International Conference of Pilot Unions. This will be an opportunity for aviation's labor leaders to join together and discuss the issues that affect us all while preparing for our collective efforts ahead. We look forward to hosting you for this worthwhile event October 1 - 3.

Monday, October 1 - Evening Cocktail Reception
Tuesday, October 2 - Wednesday, October 3, 2018

This year’s conference will include discussions on topics that are sure to be important to pilots and their organizations.

  • Congressional Mid-term Elections Update

    Come get the perspective from a Washington, D.C. insider on what is likely to happen to the make-up of Congress after the mid-term elections are held in November. Will the Republicans maintain control of both Houses? How many seats can the Democrats regain? And what will all of this mean for the rest of President Trump’s term in office and U.S. Transportation policy?

  • Airline Industry Review – A View from the Outside

    This moderated panel discussion will give attendees a perspective of the airline industry and pilot labor groups from those who make their living by following the industry: Wall Street analyst, airline industry journalist, and independent airline consultant.

  • Benefits Comparison

    In this presentation, attendees will get insight into the health and welfare benefits unions are providing versus the airlines and how those benefits are being administered. Special emphasis will be placed on disability plans that are unique to pilots.

  • Polling Your Membership

    How technology is making polling both easier and harder to know what your membership wants and needs from their unions.

  • Pilot Contract Negotiations Roundtable

    Union Negotiating Committee Representatives from the pilot unions who are either in or about to go into the next round of contract negotiations will have a roundtable discussion about their union’s priorities, where things currently stand, and where they are expected to go and how long they believe they will be in negotiations.

  • Now that the Airline Industry is Finally Healthy, How Important Is Economic Analysis for Unions?

    The benefits of airline consolidation are generating steady results for management and its owners. Hear from a panel of Union Presidents who will discuss pattern bargaining, independent financial analysis and what it means to lead a labor union in a time of relative stability.

  • Separate Legal Department Breakout Session

    Legal departments from each of the represented unions will gather for their own breakout session to share best practices, compare notes and share ideas on ways to most effectively and efficiently serve their unions.

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