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CA Michael Santoro

Vice President

Captain Michael Santoro is the Vice President of the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association (SWAPA). As Vice President and director of operations, Captain Santoro is one of only three SWAPA board members elected at-large by the SWAPA membership.

His previous union work includes two, two-year terms as a Baltimore domicile representative helping Pilots navigate the contract and representing them during visits to the Chief Pilots’ Office, and two years as a Contract Administration Committee member, defending our contract and our Pilots from violations and discipline issues.

In addition to overseeing the association’s committees and professional staff, his responsibilities as vice president include assisting the association’s president in carrying out all duties necessary to conduct the association’s business of representing the pilots of Southwest Airlines.

Captain Santoro has been a Southwest Airlines pilot for more than 17 years. Prior to Southwest, he worked in the regional airlines for Continental Express/ExpressJet. Born and raised in central Maine, he attended College at Daniel Webster College and graduated in 1998 with degrees in Aviation Management, Business Administration, and Marketing.

He currently lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with his wife and four sons, where he spends his free time enjoying all the fun aspects of raising his boys to include coaching their lacrosse and basketball teams.